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New fossils for sale

Ginkgo Jurassic plant
Baiera furcata

Extremely rare, oldest Silurian land plant
Cooksonia sp.

Extremely rare inclusion in genuine Baltic amber

Extremely rare Silurian
fossil fish

Rare Carboniferous Myriapod

Extremely rare
fossil Animal's hair

Beautiful, decorative Pennsylvanian fern
Mariopteris muricata

Exremely rare fossil
Fossil Bird Feather

Holotypes from my collection

Fossil fly - holotype
Dicranomyia gorskii
in Baltic amber
Fossil beetle - Histeridae
in Baltic amber
Fossil centipede
in Baltic amber
Fossil fly
with stridulating organ
Ceratopogonidae, Eohelea

Virtual museum of fossil insects and spiders in Baltic amber, fossils shells, fish, plants, and more. Fossils insects and other fossils for sale.

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