My name is Andrzej Gorski. Fossils and amber is my hobby. For ten years I have collected inclusions in Baltic amber, fossils shells , plants , ..........

My collection of inclusions counts at present about 9000 specimens and continually increases. Unfortunately lack of time makes it impossible to me to exactly systematize the collection I possess.

Therefore, in this way, I want to ask those to whom this theme is not strange, for help in qualifing the affiliation of particular species.

Because all the inclusions have got documentary evidence in the form of photographs taken by me, I will from time to time present new specimens, which I am not able to classify.

In My Collection I place this part of collection, which I can ascribe to given faamilies, for in this in order, in this way collectors who have similar problems.

All interested in the theme of amber and inclusions are also invited to the chapter "Questions",where I will try to give answers directed to me the questions relating to amber.

As I possess many double inclusions and other fossils which I also collect - I will come into contact with people willing to trade or to buy.